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Advantages to Using CPACareerNet

  • Post jobs quickly and easily using the "Jobs Manager." By using the "Jobs Manager," it is possible to go from nothing to having a job posted online within a matter of minutes.

  • Add prequalifying interview questions to each job posting. Add up to five questions for a prospective applicant to answer during the online application process.

  • Let us handle the advertising. Our staff actively recruits applicants through print advertising, direct mail and Internet advertising. We will also orchestrate communication with college career centers nationwide.

  • Search our database of qualified applicants. Find the one individual who is the right fit for your needs, and make that applicant an offer, all while online.

  • Integrate CPACareerNet's full functionality into your Web site creating a top-notch "careers" section without needing advanced programming skills. This will save time and money because when you post a job to CPACareerNet, that job will automatically be posted to your Web site as well.

  • Click here to see this service in action.

  • With our simplified approach a firm does not need to subscribe. Unlimited job postings are allowed for a low fixed fee per 90 day posting. This includes access to all of the resources, the account manager tools and the job posting manager tools. Other job search services charge several thousand dollars for annual subscriptions.

  • One time job postings are $75 for 90 days. Other job search services charge over $300 for one time job listings. Firms can send their job listing to us, and we handle the rest or they can easily manage their jobs using our user-friendly tools.

  • Generate revenue from client search and placement services that has the potential to far exceed your investment. Across the country, executive search firms charge 18 percent to 30 percent of first-year salary and bonuses for facilitating search and placement services. Thus, your firm can generate substantial revenue from client placement.

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