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On July 1, 2001 CPACareerNet launched this web site. Destined to be one of the top Internet placement services, its unique mix of services sets it apart from other web based initiatives. CPACareerNet is a service dedicated to the accounting industry and only the accounting industry.

We selected our mix of services after many consultations with large independent CPA firms nationwide to determine their specific recruiting needs. Thus, CPAs designed CPACareerNet for CPAs. We also held meetings with university career center representatives, accounting faculty and alumni associations to determine the needs of accounting students and recent graduates.

The result of all these meetings was a fine-tuned, targeted search and job posting system designed to address the needs of independent CPA firms nationwide.

CPACareerNet is intended to be a cooperative effort of dynamic, independent CPA firms from across the nation providing a clear alternative to the large national and international accounting firms.

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